Fall 2020 Internship- 9/13/2020
Spring 2021 Internship-11/8/2020

Apply: https://my.studyabroad.wisc.edu/IIP/Home/ViewOpportunity/432287

Go Tico! Costa Rica coordinates and hosts authentic Costa Rican travel experiences to the underexplored North Central region. Through service work, regional tourism, local industry & biodiversity exploration, and integration into small communities, they provide a variety of travel groups language & cultural immersion in off-the-beaten-path locations in Costa Rica.

The Go Tico! Costa Rica virtual intern will:

  • Update and maintain current website with photos and information provided by directors
  • Improve and maintain social media presence on sites such as Instagram and Facebook to attract tourists, student and travel groups to our region and our trips
  • Design basic Google or Facebook ads to promote virtual or in-person orientations and upcoming travel
  • Conduct marketing research in Spanish and English about competitors and prospective clients and update database
  • Conduct informational interviews of members of community members in Spanish
  • Meet virtually weekly with Go Tico! directors to touch base on current and future projects
  • Optional in-person opportunity (Depedent on current Covid-19 situation and if the intern is in the Madison area): Attend 1-2 in-person, local events at Keva Sports Center in Middleton on behalf of Go Tico! Costa Rica to distribute promotional material and represent the organization, as we are a Keva partner

Interns will have the opportunity to engage in informational interviews and/or Spanish conversation hours weekly or bi-weekly with residents of local Costa Rican community. Additionally, based on performance, Go Tico! directors will provide intern a letter of recommendation.



Read the full article at: https://my.studyabroad.wisc.edu/IIP/Home/ViewOpportunity/432287