BUSINESSHUB Virtual Market Analyst Internship (Summer 2021)

BusinessHub is an experienced consulting firm providing a wide range of services including market intelliegence and investment services to foreign companies interested in doing business in Latin America.

The virtual intern will be working in market analysis across our three primary markets: Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Typical tasks include:

  • Advising foreign companies on entering these 3 markets
  • Advising on and explaining any potential barriers to market entry for our partners’ goods and/or services.
  • Advising companies on subsidies and financial opportunities available to foreign companies in our markets.
  • Working closely with various government entities from the U.S., Europe and Asia and assisting their companies in increasing exports to Chile and Peru.

In order to carry out these tasks it will be necessary to carry out in-depth primary and secondary market research over the internet and phone in order to be able to promote and market the partners’ services. There are currently projects in action across all three of the primary markets and across a wide-range of industries from pharmaceuticals and household goods, to automobiles and mining.

The intern will also be involved in day-to-day admin duties as and when required as well as other ad-hoc tasks to support senior management.

Intern will participate in a weekly meeting and most communication is done via Zoom, Whatsapp and email.

Deadline: 2/21/2021

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