Plymouth High School Facilitated Language Studies (FLS) Coaches (Arabic, Russian)

The Facilitated Language Studies (FLS) class encourages the study of less-commonly taught languages through the use of text/online materials and support from native and advanced speakers under the guidance of a certified language teacher. The facilitator (teacher) helps students set pacing guidelines and assesses students through participation activities and a proficiency-based portfolio. In the FLS classroom there are multiple languages being studied at once: Arabic, Japanese, Russian and Korean. Students are guided through a scope and sequence of language study and cultural exploration that involves student choice, autonomy and collaboration. FLS students meet with conversation coaches, individually or in small groups, once a week for 30-45 minutes. Conversation coaches are native or advanced speakers from the community. Coaches follow textbook or student directives to guide language learning and offer assistance with the language learning process.

The program is currently seeking coaches for students learning Arabic and Russian. If you are an Arabic or Russian speaker interested in becoming a coach, please contact Laura Koebel at