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Alumni Profiles

I feel that learning the language of the community you are aiming to support demonstrates commitment and passion.

 Everyday, I get to use my own experiences to benefit others all while continuing to learn about the world around me through other languages and cultures. Langauge learning does not end in the classroom. Get out there, put yourself in uncomfortable situations and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Throughout the years, I learned two things about studying a language; the first being learning a new language is very difficult because it forces you to think in a way that no other course does. The second is that no matter how hard you work to improve your language skills there will always be something you don't know. 

Living and working abroad opened my eyes to the world in ways I didn't know possible.

Never quit studying, your language is a gift for life!

It’s a small world! Learn to talk to other people in it!

Language learning makes me feel less cut off from the world.

My choice of language has taken me to some of the most amazing places in the world.

Through Spanish, I have access to another culture and world of information. 

Learning languages has enriched my life in many ways, and has has enabled me to communicate with people with whom I would otherwise not be able to communicate.