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Through Spanish, I have access to another culture and world of information. 

Learning another language is like discovering another version of yourself, and it is a key that opens many doors.

People's eyes light up when you speak their native language. A door opens and a new relationship is full of more possibilities and connections than before.

I competed on the U.S. Women's Ice Hockey Team in the 2010 Olympics and our living quarters were directly across from the Swedes. I heard Swedish a few times and was mesmerized by the language. 

Through my study of Portuguese I have met friends, travelled and had adventures, learned new ways of seeing the world, and generally had an enormous amount of fun. 

Learning a new language opens up your life in a way that nothing else can.

From studying Yoruba, I have gained insight into a whole new culture and language.

My familiarity with the language has opened up many doors to amazing parts of the Indian cultural landscape that would have otherwise been inaccessible to me.

Through language study, I have been lucky enough to travel, live and study in-region and forge strong friendships. A strong command of Spanish and Portuguese has also set me apart professionally in a job market where international experience and expertise are increasingly sought-after attributes.

Before I even stepped onto the campus, I knew I would take numerous language classes here.