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Study Abroad

Study abroad offers a world of experiences that enrich the personal, academic, and professional lives of students at UW-Madison. Study abroad can help you to develop the ability to better understand other perspectives, worldviews, and cultures; improve your language proficiency; develop your academic, professional, and leadership skills; and build your international network for future opportunities abroad.

By clearly articulating what you want to achieve during study abroad, what you want to do when you get there, and how study abroad fits into your overall academic and professional goals, you’ll be able to make study abroad an integral part of your Wisconsin Experience.

Study Abroad Offices

International Academic Programs
The largest study abroad office on campus, International Academic Programs (IAP) is committed to giving students of all majors the flexibility to find programs that fit their academic needs, while graduating on time. IAP offers over 200 programs in more than 60 countries. Choose from programs in over two dozen languages, including full immersion experiences and short-term programs for language training.

Programs are available for students from freshmen to seniors, and include many outside-the-classroom experiences like internships, service learning, research, and fieldwork. All students on IAP programs receive in-residence credit for the classes they take abroad. IAP advisors are available to guide students through the entire process of studying abroad, from choosing the right program to returning home to campus.

Wisconsin School of Business
The Wisconsin School of Business International Programs office cultivates study abroad opportunities with the Wisconsin BBA student in mind. International Programs partners with some of the top business schools across the world to provide students the opportunity to connect globally, develop a global mindset, and expand their worldview. Students from all 10 business majors and 40% of the BBA graduating class have studied abroad. You, too, can participate in an enriching experience that will improve your understanding of international business, develop appreciation for diverse cultures and languages, and gain valuable professional and personal skills.

College of Engineering
In today's global marketplace, there is an increasing need for broadly educated engineering graduates with cross-cultural skills, international understanding, and proficiency in multiple languages. The College of Engineering is committed to providing and expanding international opportunities that will assist engineering students in obtaining these important skills.

International Engineering Studies and Programs (IESP) runs semester and year-long study abroad programs at leading engineering schools in many countries. Programs in Spanish, French, and German-speaking countries require four semesters of the respective language; other programs do not have a language pre-requisite.

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Studying abroad provides the chance to extend learning beyond the classroom. Students pursuing degrees in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) pursue challenging academic plans and also strive for research, service learning, and industry experience.

The CALS Study Abroad office works closely with UW faculty and staff to design unique programs for undergraduate students. Short-term programs over winter or summer break focus on specific academic topics, providing deep knowledge and experiential learning.  Internships allow a student to learn while working and living in another country. Exchange programs with some of the top agricultural and life science colleges worldwide provide the opportunity for students to live and learn abroad. With advising during your program selection, preparation, and return, the CALS Study Abroad Office is ready to guide you on your journey.