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Language & International Directions Advising

International Directions Advisor Michael Kruse provides academic and career advising to undergraduate students who are interested in languages and international area studies. Michael is available to meet with students from across campus to help connect them with academic programs and campus resources that fit their interests, as well as to discuss professional opportunities that draw on their language-learning and international experiences. Some common questions Michael can help you with are:

  • What jobs can I do with a language or language major?
  • How can I find an internship or job that incorporates my language?
  • How can I sell my language skills to an employer?
  • Where can I use my language in Madison outside of classes?
  • ...and more!

Make an appointment

If this is your first time meeting with Michael please take a few minutes to fill out this survey before your appointment.

To inquire about meeting outside of these times, or if you have a quick question that does not require a conversation, please email Michael at The email should come from your email account (why?) and include your Campus ID number. If it is an ongoing email conversation, please include the history. If it is determined that your question cannot be answered via email you may be asked to meet in person.

About Michael

Michael earned a BA in History and Religious Studies and an MA in South Asian Studies, both from UW-Madison. He studied Hindi and Urdu at UW and conducted research in India using both languages. Before joining the Language Institute, he worked at the Center for South Asia, where he developed web sites, coordinated an annual conference, advised fellowship students, and much more. His most unusual job was operating a drawbridge for a summer on the Sheboygan River in Sheboygan, WI.