Show Notes: Languages Live!

Episode 1: Professionalize Your Spanish 

Tune in to learn how to gain professional experience while using your Spanish language skills. UW Languages talks with @uw_iip Advisor for Latin America & Spain, Carly Stingl.

UW-Madison International Internship Program 
Morgridge Center for Public Service
Wisconsin Involvement Network (Student Orgs)


Episode 2: Language & Identity 

How has language defined and shaped your personal and professional development? We talk with @uwrussianflagship Assistant Director, Laura, about how her identity has evolved as a language learner.

UW-Madison Russian Flagship Program
Reflecting on your international experiences 


Episode 3: Using Your Language Outside of Class

Curious about how to find meaningful experiences to use your language skills outside of class? Our guest, Ryan Goble (Doctoral Candidate, Second Language Acquisition), will share innovative ways students use the target language and what that means for their personal and professional growth as multilinguals.


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Multicultural Student Center, 608-262-4503
UHS Mental Health Services, 608-265-5600 (option 9)
Resources to support our APIDA community
Resources for Black community members
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