Denmark is only about half the size of Wisconsin but its influence is felt around the world. There is a strong similarity between English and Danish vocabulary, giving English speakers an advantage in learning the language. Denmark is a gold-standard for democracy with a well-developed and functional welfare system that is an inspiration for anyone interested in politics and social studies. Education is free with a monthly stipend for students over 18 years of age, and the progressive, free health benefits cover everyone from cradle to grave. Denmark is also on the cutting edge in women’s and LGBTQ rights, and the ubiquitous Vestas windmills showcase the country’s emphasis on the environment and sustainable energy.

Hygge [hoo-guh] / [hue-guh]: “Pleasant togetherness”!


Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic


Joanna Schuth, jschuth@wisc.edu 

Intro Class: 

SCAN ST 121: First Semester Danish

Live in Norden House, the Nordic House in the International Learning Community.

World of the Vikings is a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) with Danish that will learn about the Norse people as they expanded through Europe and beyond. You will study their science and technology, environment, mythology, gender, economics, politics and more.

“If you learn a language you find the opportunities that come with that language, and every language has its own set of opportunities.”