Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk), the language traditionally spoken by the the people of the Ho-Chunk Nation, formerly the Wisconsin Winnebago, is one of five aboriginal languages spoken in the state of Wisconsin and part of a larger Souian language family found only in North America. The Ho-Chunk are descendants of the Effigy mound builders and retain a strong oral tradition that places them within the landscape of the upper midwest since time immemorial.  With less than 80 fluent speakers remaining, contemporary efforts from both outside and within the tribal government are being pursued by Hoocąk speakers and teachers to stabilize and revitalize this language of resilience.

Homąąšją (ho-mawsh-jah): resilience; strength within

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American Indian & Indigenous Studies Program

American Indian Studies Director, Denise Wyaka

Intro Class:
AMER IND 308: Beginner Level Hoocak/Ho-Chunk Language

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