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Try to do a little bit each day and study abroad. If you become fluent, it will help you more than you know.

Being a speaker of Japanese is an important part of my identity today, and something that I'll always carry with me.

People's eyes light up when you speak their native language. A door opens and a new relationship is full of more possibilities and connections than before.

Language classes were different because they were so immediately applicable -- you learned a skill you could practice right away.

Learning German and Mandarin has given me the opportunity to travel the world, to meet new people, to try foods that have way too many legs, and to become horribly lost in foreign cities yet know that I will somehow be able to find my way home.

Spanish language studies have provided me a level of comfort and mastery to conduct business in Latin America.

Immersion in a language and culture greatly supplements your study of the language.

Before I even stepped onto the campus, I knew I would take numerous language classes here.

I love being able to speak a language that so few people know!

If you enjoy learning a language, pursue it fully and experience some of the cultures that speak that language. It will enrich your life.