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Alumni Profiles

I realized that language was my ticket to holding on to this second home across the Atlantic, and I wasn't going to be satisfied until I got to my destination.

Learning Italian has opened my eyes to a new culture (and cuisine!) in a way that I wouldn't understand without knowing the language itself.

Language has enriched my life professionally because I am qualified for many different positions based on my language skills and have the ability to acquire more.

My Spanish classes seemed more engaging than my non-language courses —I was always excited to go and could always count on my professors being excited as well.

I can’t list all the ways that the study of foreign languages has enriched my life. 

Appreciate the progress you have made, but don't be afraid to tackle new words or try a different method of learning the language.

I can do things personally and professionally that limit others.

You never know where your language will lead you.

Studying languages has meant everything to me.

Learning a language allows you to connect with people in a way that is impossible if you can't speak directly.