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Alumni Profiles

My choice of language has taken me to some of the most amazing places in the world.

People's eyes light up when you speak their native language. A door opens and a new relationship is full of more possibilities and connections than before.

Japanese has opened doors for me - It helped me get my first job, advance to new and exciting positions, and helped me to land new business when I founded my own company.

Once you open yourself up to learning world languages, they will open you up to the world.

Immersion in a language and culture greatly supplements your study of the language.

Languages have completely changed the course of my life and the way I view the world in ways I never could have predicted.

Find a group of people to speak with outside of class. The best way to keep up your language skills is to speak as much as possible!

Learning a new language or learning about your own language will help you discover so much about that culture.

By knowing another language and living abroad, not only did my intellect grow and deepen, my heart also opened.

There are so many opportunities to get involved with local international communities. Practice with native speakers and don't be shy!