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Alumni Profiles

Learning Spanish and Portuguese challenged me in a way that allowed me to come to learn a lot about myself and what I value.

My choice of language has taken me to some of the most amazing places in the world.

If you really want to be in whatever country whose language you are learning, persevere and keep looking for opportunities.

Living or working in the country of the language you are studying is a "must." Only then can you appreciate the culture and fully develop a knowledge of the language.

It’s a small world! Learn to talk to other people in it!

Immerse yourself in the language you want to learn! Don't limit yourself.

Language not only gave me the confidence to become a strong leader within the Hmong community, but also to become more aware of the cultural differences we have in the world.

The language classes were a good place to find a sense of community within the large university.

Being a speaker of Japanese is an important part of my identity today, and something that I'll always carry with me.

You never know where your language will lead you.