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Alumni Profiles

Language classes were different because they were so immediately applicable -- you learned a skill you could practice right away.

Studying Hebrew has shaped my education and has always made me love learning.

Learning another language is like discovering another version of yourself, and it is a key that opens many doors.

I competed on the U.S. Women's Ice Hockey Team in the 2010 Olympics and our living quarters were directly across from the Swedes. I heard Swedish a few times and was mesmerized by the language. 

Being able to talk to someone and being forced to rack your brain for how to say something is the best way to learn a language.

By knowing another language and living abroad, not only did my intellect grow and deepen, my heart also opened.

I'll always be grateful for following through on my decision to learn Norwegian.

Learning Spanish and Portuguese challenged me in a way that allowed me to come to learn a lot about myself and what I value.

More than the ability to communicate in Spanish that has benefited my career, I know that my Spanish Language major immeasurably improved my ability to communicate in English.

By learning a new language, it helps us to love one another and acknowledge those who speak a different language.