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Studying languages has enriched my life in countless ways.

I really would not be where I am today without my knowledge of the Spanish language.

I can't emphasize the value of my study abroad experiences enough. It's not just a place I've traveled to, but a place where I've learned and grown, and a place that is now a part of me.

I cannot express how much my study abroad experience in Rovinj, Croatia means to me. I light up any time that I talk about it or look at pictures. There's so much that I gained from it - from knowledge to confidence.

Language classes was are intense yet fun and full-filling.

Studying languages has meant everything to me.

I can do things personally and professionally that limit others.

Once you open yourself up to learning world languages, they will open you up to the world.

If possible, I recommend everyone spending some time in another country during their time at UW-Madison.

I feel passionate about correcting misconceptions about bilingual education.