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Alumni Profiles

I can’t list all the ways that the study of foreign languages has enriched my life. 

 I'm so glad I majored in French. The classes were great and I love being bilingual.

The study of Spanish empowered me to develop life-long relationships, gave me the opportunity to study abroad, led me to further my graduate study of Spanish literature, and helped me meet my wife.

By learning a new language, it helps us to love one another and acknowledge those who speak a different language.

Learning another language really can do more for you than you know.

 Learning Portuguese opened up new job and travel opportunities for me around the world.

I feel passionate about learning, exploring, and growing through language education and cultural understanding.

I think learning languages is really fun and also a valuable window to culture.

Learning another language is like discovering another version of yourself, and it is a key that opens many doors.

Meeting people and discovering culture through a language will give it a special significance to you.