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Knowledge of Italian is essential for the study of history, literature, music, art, business, economics, and political science. Italy is home to a rich heritage of Western culture, and since the Middle Ages has been a world leader in literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, and music. The first University in Europe was founded in Bologna in 1088. Italy is one of the top ten economies in the world, and many companies are seeking people who are fluent in Italian.

Majors & Certificates 

Italian Major, Italian CertificateEuropean Studies Certificate; visit the Majors & Certificates page for more information.


Jelena Todorović,

Language Conversation Table 

Caffe' Culturale
Every other Wednesday, 5:45-6:30 pm
Rathskeller, Memorial Union
Contact Loren Eadie,


Live in Piazza Italia, the Italian House in the International Learning Community

Study Abroad 

You can study Italian in Italy. Visit the International Academic Programs Majors Advising Page to learn more. Additional opportunities are available through the Wisconsin School of Business.

Student Organizations 

Italian Club; browse the Wisconsin Involvement Network for more information.


Consider an internship where you can use Italian, either in the US or abroad. An internship in any field can complement your language study and can provide valuable professional experience.

Non-credit Classes 

Affordable non-credit language classes offered on campus in the evenings, on the weekends and in the summer. Learn more

First-Year Interest Group (FIG) with Italian 
Food Cultures of Italy