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Summer Language Courses 

Language courses are offered during the summer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through individual departments and intensive summer language institutes. Summer language study is open to all UW-Madison students, including special students. For more information regarding these classes, please find the descriptions listed on the course guide.

Asian Languages and Cultures
  • E ASIAN 203: Third Semester Japanese
  • E ASIAN 204: Fourth Semester Japanese
  • E ASIAN 327: Third Semester Japanese (grad student standing)
  • E ASIAN 328: Fourth Semester Japanese (grad student standing)
  • FRENCH 101: First Semester French
  • FRENCH 102: Second Semester French
  • FRENCH 203: Third Semester French
  • FRENCH 204: Fourth Semester French
  • GERMAN 101: First Semester German
  • GERMAN 401: First Semester German (grad student standing)
  • ITALIAN 101: First Semester Italian
  • ITALIAN 102: Second Semester Italian
Scandinavian Studies
  • SCAND ST 101: First Semester Norwegian
  • SCAND ST 102: Second Semester Norwegian
  • SCAND ST 404: Languages of Northern Europe
Slavic Languages and Literature
  • SLAVIC 101: First Semester Russian
  • SLAVIC 102: Second Semester Russian
  • SLAVIC 117: Intensive Second-Year Russian
  • SLAVIC 118: Intensive Second-Year Russian
Spanish and Portuguese
  • SPANISH 101: First Semester Spanish
  • SPANISH 203: Third Semester Spanish
  • SPANISH 204: Fourth Semester Spanish
  • SPANISH 224: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
  • SPANISH 311: Advanced Language Practice
  • SPANISH 319: Topics in Spanish Language Practice
  • SPANISH 320: Spanish Phonetics
Summer Intensive Language Institute

Languages Offered Occasionally

African Languages and Cultures 
Other African Languages 

Asian Language and Cultures
Classical Japanese

Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Medieval Latin

Middle English
Old English

French and Italian 
Old French

German, Nordic, and Slavic 
Middle Dutch
Middle High German
Middle Low German
Old Church Slavic
Old Frisian
Old High German
Old Norse
Old Saxon
Pennsylvania German

Spanish and Portuguese
Old Portuguese
Old Spanish