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The study of Spanish empowered me to develop life-long relationships, gave me the opportunity to study abroad, led me to further my graduate study of Spanish literature, and helped me meet my wife.

I feel that learning the language of the community you are aiming to support demonstrates commitment and passion.

You never know where your language will lead you.

My time in Spain also allowed me to develop my own interests and come to appreciate what I love and want to be doing with my life. 

It's an amazing feeling to adapt to a culture halfway across the world and experience life as a local.

More than the ability to communicate in Spanish that has benefited my career, I know that my Spanish Language major immeasurably improved my ability to communicate in English.

Learning another language is like discovering another version of yourself, and it is a key that opens many doors.

Studying language at UW-Madison has weaved its way through many facets of my life, always enriching and always improving me.

Taking Arabic as a foreign language forced me to access and challenge other parts of my brain.

Learning about Scandinavian culture and politics has really shaped my views on the world—and I owe my marriage to my Norwegian class! It doesn't get much better than that.