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Professionally, studying languages have shown my potential employers my dedication to learning and my cognitive abilities..they definitely stand out on a resume and make you a memorable candidate.

Spanish has expanded my world and ability to communicate and connect with so many more people.

 Learning Portuguese opened up new job and travel opportunities for me around the world.

Being able to travel to and live in a foreign country without having to rely on English is a very proud and empowering experience.

Immerse yourself in the language you want to learn! Don't limit yourself.

Being able to talk to someone and being forced to rack your brain for how to say something is the best way to learn a language.

Through Spanish, I have access to another culture and world of information. 

Taking Arabic as a foreign language forced me to access and challenge other parts of my brain.

With at least 25% of Americans speaking Spanish as their 1st or 2nd language, I speak Spanish every day.

Be open-minded, go abroad and explore and use the language you are learning in real life situations.