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Summer 2018 Language Courses and Institutes

Language courses are offered in the summer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through individual courses and intensive summer language institutes, which grant UW-Madison credit but have their own application procedures. Summer language study is open to all UW-Madison students, including special students.

For more information regarding these class, please find the descriptions listed on the course guide

Individual Language Courses

Sign Language

  • CS&D 424: Sign Language 1 (This course DOES NOT satisfy the Foreign Language requirement)

Asian Languages and Cultures

  • E ASIAN 203: Third Semester Japanese
  • E ASIAN 204: Fourth Semester Japanese
  • E ASIAN 327: Third Semester Japanese (grad student standing)
  • E ASIAN 328: Fourth Semester Japanese (grad student standing)

English as a Second Language

  • ESL 110: Intensive English as a Second Language


  • FRENCH 101: First Semester French
  • FRENCH 102: Second Semester French
  • FRENCH 203: Third Semester French
  • FRENCH 204: Fourth Semester French


  • GERMAN 101: First Semester German
  • GERMAN 401: First Semester German (grad student standing)


  • ITALIAN 101: First Semester Italian 
  • ITALIAN 102: Second Semester Italian

Scandinavian Studies

  • SCAND ST 101: First Semester Norwegian
  • SCAND ST 102: Second Semester Norwegian
  • SCAND ST 404: Languages of Northern Europe

Slavic Languages and Literature

  • SLAVIC 101: First Semester Russian
  • SLAVIC 102: Second Semester Russian
  • SLAVIC 117: Intensive Second Year Russian
  • SLAVIC 118: Intensive Second Year Russian

Spanish and Portuguese

  • SPANISH 101: First Semester Spanish
  • SPANISH 203: Third Semester Spanish
  • SPANISH 204: Fourth Semester Spanish
  • SPANISH 224: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
  • SPANISH 311: Advanced Language Practice
  • SPANISH 319: Topics in Spanish Language Practice
  • SPANISH 320: Spanish Phonetics
  • SPANISH 363: Spanish Civilization

Please consult the Schedule of Classes for detailed course information.

Summer Language Institutes

Arabic, Persian and Turkish Language Immersion Institute (APTLII)
The UW-Madison Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Immersion Institute (APTLII) is an eight-week intensive summer language immersion program for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals. Outside of the classroom, students commit to using their target language at all times - in their shared living space on campus, at meals, and at co-curricular activities that combine to create a language immersion experience.

Central Eurasian Summer Studies Institute
The Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute (CESSI) offers intensive Central Eurasian language courses alongside a cultural enhancement program which introduces students to the rich world of Central Eurasian history and culture. Languages: Kazakh, Tajik, Uyghyur, Uzbek.

Summer Intensive Portuguese
This special eight-week course is designed for people wishing to intensively study beginning Brazilian Portuguese. Graduate students, faculty and other researchers, and advanced undergraduates who need to develop communication skills and reading knowledge for research will find this special Institute particularly useful.

South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI)
The South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI) is a formal educational collaboration of the US Department of Education-designated Title VI National Resource Centers for South Asia. SASLI is dedicated to training students, faculty, and professionals in the languages of South Asia. Languages: Bengali, Gujurati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Pashto, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Tibetan, Urdu.

Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI)
SEASSI is an eight-week intensive language training program for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals. SEASSI was established in 1983 to provide high quality intensive language instruction in at least eight of the major Southeast Asian languages at one location during the summer. It was and remains a unique program of area language training that combines institutional, federal, and foundation funding to bring faculty and students together in a single location every summer. SEASSI is an integral part of a nationwide network of language teaching faculty from the institutions that are members of the SEASSI Consortium. Languages: Burmese, Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Vietnamese.

Summer Study Abroad

In addition to language study on the UW-Madison campus, many students study language abroad during the summer. International Academic Programs (IAP) offers summer programs with language training in over twenty countries. Courses include intro-level language, high-level immersive experiences and everything in between.