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Through language study, I have been lucky enough to travel, live and study in-region and forge strong friendships. A strong command of Spanish and Portuguese has also set me apart professionally in a job market where international experience and expertise are increasingly sought-after attributes.

Students in Spanish classes always seemed more connected than those in my other classes.

Language training at UW-Madison has been an indispensable part of my research endeavors.

Language not only gave me the confidence to become a strong leader within the Hmong community, but also to become more aware of the cultural differences we have in the world.

I love being able to speak a language that so few people know!

Throughout the years, I learned two things about studying a language; the first being learning a new language is very difficult because it forces you to think in a way that no other course does. The second is that no matter how hard you work to improve your language skills there will always be something you don't know. 

Learning a language allows you to connect with people in a way that is impossible if you can't speak directly.

Learning another language really can do more for you than you know.

Being able to talk to someone and being forced to rack your brain for how to say something is the best way to learn a language.

Learning Spanish has led to a lifelong interest in culture and art. It's the enduring theme in both my personal and professional lives.