Wolof is the native language of the Wolof people and has become Senegal’s lingua franca, or bridge language, spoken by more than 90% of the Senegalese population as either a first or second language. Wolof is also spoken in other West Africa countries, such as the Gambia and Mauritania. The language has a rich literary tradition in both Arabic and Roman scripts, as well as a thriving oral tradition. Knowledge of Wolof is important to work in government, international non-governmental organizations, and international businesses.

Ayca Leen nu Jang Wolof! Yombna, Neex na Lool = "Let's study Wolof. It's easy and fun."

Department of African Cultural Studies

Toni Landis, tllandis@wisc.edu

Intro Class:
AFRICAN 391: First Semester Wolof

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