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Alumni Profiles

I cannot express how much my study abroad experience in Rovinj, Croatia means to me. I light up any time that I talk about it or look at pictures. There's so much that I gained from it - from knowledge to confidence.

Language has enriched my life professionally because I am qualified for many different positions based on my language skills and have the ability to acquire more.

Study and live abroad, immerse yourself in the culture and life.

 I'm so glad I majored in French. The classes were great and I love being bilingual.

Even if your priority in school is not language learning, one class can make all the difference in some unforeseeable future situation.

I feel passionate about learning, exploring, and growing through language education and cultural understanding.

I've found studying Thai language to be quite intrinsically rewarding. Truthfully, the whole process has been just a lot of fun. 

Language classes were different because they were so immediately applicable -- you learned a skill you could practice right away.

Living and working abroad opened my eyes to the world in ways I didn't know possible.

Learning about Scandinavian culture and politics has really shaped my views on the world—and I owe my marriage to my Norwegian class! It doesn't get much better than that.