Learn a Less Commonly Taught Language!

First Semester Danish: Scandinavian Studies 121

“If you learn a language you find the opportunities that come with that language, and every language has its own set of opportunities.”








First Semester Hebrew: HEBR-MOD 101


“My favorite part about learning Hebrew has been all of the new people that I’ve met…what’s unique about Hebrew is that it opens up so many doors, especially through the Center of Jewish Studies where you can have educational opportunities and professional development opportunities and jus travel opportunities through learning the Hebrew language.”



AFRICAN 371: First Semester Yoruba

“Try to have fun! Try to enjoy yourself. Throw yourself into it and be passionate about it. Of course, if you can and have the means, Learning the Yoruba language, maybe more than any other language, helps to shape world views because it’s an expressive language, highly metaphorical, cultural, symbolic and you know there’s a way that that kind of language tends to pack a punch. You’re saying one thing, but in that one thing there are many things embedded.”



First Semester Turkish: German, Nordic, and Slavic 339

“Turkey is currently the second largest TV series exporter in the world after the United States. Students could have the opportunity to work in the Turkish media globalizing sector.”






First Semester Swahili: AFRICAN 331


“Swahili is the most spoken language in Africa. It’s a language that’s really picking up and it can also help  professionally…and can boost your CV. It can raise eyebrows!”








First Semester Yucatec Maya: Latin American, Caribbean, And Iberian Studies 376

Did you know? Mayan languages are spoken by over 6 million people. There are 30 languages within the Mayan language family and about 800,000 speakers of (Yucatec) Maya.

🔸Yucatec Maya, referred to as Maya by speakers of the language, is spoken in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. The closest linguistic relatives of (Yucatec) Maya are spoken in Chiapas, Mexico and parts of Belize and Guatemala.

🔸A 2019 mandate designated that (Yucatec) Maya language instruction would be compulsory in the curriculum at all levels in the state of Yucatán.

🔸Ko’ox kanik Maya!-“Let’s learn Maya!”

First Semester Indonesian: ASIALANG 127

“Not only is it really easy to get to an intermediate level, which means you can actually start talking to people early on. But, it’s easy to get up and running. There are no verb tenses, genders…which is very user friendly for an English speaker.”

First Semester Portuguese: Portuguese 101
Intensive Portuguese (1st & 2nd Semester): Portuguese 301

“I think taking a language class is a way that you can travel when you’re not actually traveling because you’re learning about a different culture…and you’re getting ready to travel again in the future…focusing your energy in a productive way!”

First Semester Persian: ASIALANG 137


“Even if you make a mistake, learn to appreciate making mistakes and push yourself to be more comfortable with making errors because all of these things are part of the learning process.”