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Q&A with Alice Mandell

Meet Alice Mandell! Alice is a new member of the Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (CANES) department. We sat down with her to ask a few questions on things like her favorite class on campus this semster and the one superpower she's always wanted. 

German Professor honored with Research Award

B. Venkat Mani

B. Venkat Mani.

B. Venkat Mani makes a difference everywhere he goes in the world and people are starting to notice.

The German Literature professor received the Kellet Mid-Career Award. This honor, sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, grants the recipient $60,000 in research funding at a critical point in their academic careers. It honors outstanding faculty who are at the midpoint of their careers: seven to 20 years after their first promotion in a tenured position.

Japanese literature course leads to the ultimate field trip for UW students

Adam L. Kern, center, and his students, attired in traditional Japanese robes for kicking back, in front of a formal kimono. Taken at the “Fujiya Kichō” traditional Japanese inn (ryōkan) in Chiba Prefecture. PHOTO COURTESY OF ADAM L. KERN

Late last semester, UW–Madison professor Adam L. Kern sent an urgent, cryptic email to four of his students.

He summoned them to his office early the next morning, promising something “potentially extremely interesting and important, if not possibly life-changing.”

“If you already have plans, please reschedule them,” he wrote. “And I would please ask that you not tell anyone about this, at least not for the time being!”

Professor Mark Louden: blending culture, history and worlds

Language study is often coupled with an interest for the world outside the United States. Many classes explore the culture and history of one or more other countries where the language is spoken. With French, the focus may be France or Francophone Africa; Russian courses could explore Russia and Central Asia, or German courses could center on Germany, Austria or perhaps other parts of Europe. One UW-Madison professor, however, wants to change that tale.


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