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Affirmative Action Student Professional in Residence (AASPIRE) Internship

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The City of Madison
Type of opportunity 

This is entry-level professional and/or administrative work for the City of Madison for specific limited-term projects as part of the AASPIRE (Affirmative Action Student Professional in Residence) internships for students.  Internships are developed by a City agency to advance agency goals and to foster professional development for selected applicants, providing support and direction in an internship framework. The internship will include exposure to managerial and policy-setting operations and activities, introduction to the organization structure and operations of the agency and the City as a whole, and participation in and responsibility for specific assignments.

Under supervision, an employee in this class will be assigned work that provides experience in department activities described below.

Community Development Department-Childcare
Through this internship, the incumbent will work with the Early Care and Education Manager for the City of Madison to gather input and feedback on a draft plan for early care and education for the City. The intern will attend meetings and gatherings of various groups of parents, caregivers and residents throughout the City to present specific draft information about the plan.  Working with a group of early childhood stakeholders and the National League of Cities, the feedback gathered will ultimately inform the final plan for early childhood for the City of Madison.
Community Development Department-Madison Out-of-School Time
Madison Out-of-School Time, in collaboration with CDD and many other groups, is planning a fall conference for Youth Workers in Madison hosted at the Overture Center the last week of August. The AASPIRE intern will play a key role in coordinating and planning a conference that 175 people attended last year, with over 200 expected this year.
The AASPIRE duties will include:

  • Logistics for the fall conference
  • Serving as the point person for all speakers
  • Coordinating all facility needs with Overture Center Staff;
  • Day-of conference schedules;
  • Marketing for the event;
  • All communication up to and through the end of the conference

Community Development Department-Senior Center
The Senior Center is looking for an intern to work on marketing and special events. Key responsibilities are maintaining external media calendars, managing social media and creating posters. The intern will be involved with planning special events for the fall, and leading Senior Safety Day in June. The intern will work with the Program Coordinator to research new programs and explore ways to increase community outreach. The AASPIRE intern will also mentor the high school intern.
Civil Rights Department
The Department of Civil Rights' AASPIRE internship will provide an opportunity for the intern to address the impacts of city policies and procedure on people from marginalized categories, such as people of color, low-income individuals, etc.  The intern will assist the Equity Coordinator toward the mission of the Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative (RESJI) through data collection and analysis.  The intern will also work with the Affirmative Action Specialist to develop updated process guidelines and materials for investigations under the City's prohibited discrimination and harassment policy.
Clerk's Department
This position will work with the Deputy City Clerk on the administration of the license renewals, primarily alcohol license renewals. The work done will be integral to ensuring license holders are compliant with their licenses. Applicants should have good customer service skills, be able to track progress, can clearly explain instructions and a have willingness to learn and understand alcohol license laws and ordinances.

Engineering Department
Join the team that literally builds Madison and makes it one of the best places in the country to live, work, and play.  The City of Madison Engineering Division designs, constructs, maps and maintains the City's infrastructure. We are looking for a GIS intern to join our team. The Engineering Internship is developed to advance agency goals and to foster professional development within the GIS career track, providing support and direction in an internship framework. The internship will include exposure to managerial and policy setting operations and activities, introduction to organizational structure and operations of the Engineering Division while providing professional work experience.
Fire Department-Emergency Management
The MFD is looking for an intern to complete a number of projects.  The projects will provide the intern with significant exposure to local government and how city agencies work together to provide a high level of public safety in the community.  The intern will work collaboratively with staff from the Fire Department, Community Services, the Emergency Planning Staff Team, Dane County and non-government organizations in the community to complete the projects. The intern will work on a framework for the city to manage spontaneous volunteers during disasters.  This project involves researching best practices, documenting findings and making recommendations.  The second project is the development of a human service emergency management plan.  The plan development will the Intern to search for model plans that can be adapted for the City of Madison.

Human Resources Department
The City's Human Resources department communicates with over 10,000 applicants annually for various City positions. This exciting internship opportunity will help shape the way
City Human Resources communicates with these job applicants in the future. The intern will research and recommend best practices in communicating with job applicants regarding their status in the hiring process. The intern will recommend language to use in HR's notices, as well as participate as a member of the HR Services team. The intern will be exposed to the City's hiring process, classification system, performance excellence program, labor relations, and other areas of human resources.
Information Technology Department-Photography
The AASPIRE intern  will take photos of Madison and work on the City-wide photo library project. The project would include photographing City of Madison employees and services, and iconic Madison imagery. The AASPIRE intern would work closely with the Web Team's Graphic Designer, Web Team's Social Media Specialist, and Web Manager. The intern would also participate in Web Team, IT department and customer meetings.
Information Technology Department-Technical Writer
The AASPIRE intern will work closely with the IT Director and management on developing policies, and tools to communicate with our business partners. The intern will be immersed in IT's business processes. Through collaboration with experienced subject matter experts in the IT department, the AASPIRE intern will create and update IT policies, help manuals, tip sheets, trainings and design IT templates used for various business processes.  The intern will participate in City-wide, IT department and customer meetings.

Library Department-Community Engagement & Marketing
The AASPIRE intern will split time between two complementary library service areas: community engagement and marketing.   The position will have two main areas of responsibility:  supporting the work of the Community Engagement Coordinator with a variety of office and field tasks, and supporting the work of the Marketing Manager through storytelling and communications work focused on community engagement. A secondary duty will be to serve as an informal mentor to various high school interns placed at the Central Library and other libraries during the summer.  Along the way, the AASPIRE intern will gain a deep understanding of community engagement work and communications within a large organization that serves a diverse client base.

Library Department-Planning
Madison Public Library seeks an AASPIRE intern to assist planning efforts for the Imagination Center project at Reindahl Park. Duties will include: scheduling and attending community meetings with Reindahl Park Library stakeholders; interviewing Reindahl Park users; door to door community engagement with library staff and volunteers; notetaking and qualitative data analysis; researching demographic data for the Reindahl Park area; surveying existing city, non-profit, and institutional plans; plan writing and editing; and assisting with presentations to the Library Board. Additional opportunities are available for the AASPIRE intern to work on collaborative projects with the Library and/or the Parks Division, which oversees the operation and planning for Reindahl Park.
Planning Department-Development Review
Do you ever think about the design and layout of neighborhoods?    Are you interested in how Cities help shape development and redevelopment?  Do you ever wonder what happens before the construction crews arrive and cranes are set up?  If these are areas of interest, the City of Madison's Planning Division is looking for a summer intern to join our Development Review team. Our staff includes professional planners and architects that help shape development and implement the City's adopted plans.  Over the course of the summer, the intern will work closely with the Planning Division and other City staff on a variety of efforts including research to assist in the City's Update of its Subdivision Regulations.  The intern will also have the opportunity to assist in the review of development proposals.  The selected intern will have the opportunity to participate in meetings, work on reports, and make presentations.
Planning Department-Neighborhood Planning
The AASPIRE intern will be primarily working on two projects in the City's Planning Division.  With the start of a planning process for a City's south side neighborhood, the intern will be responsible for data collection, resident and business interviews, and presenting info at internal and external meetings.  Ease of engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds, working in high pace teams, and communicating clearly is important.  The position will also support implementation of the City's campaign encouraging all Madison residents to be counted in the 2020 Census.  Writing press releases, creating informational brochures or fliers, and familiarity of using social media platforms will be key responsibilities.  Both of the tasks involve a person that can take complex issues and present them orally and in written form that result in informative, engaging, and understandable communication to the general public.  The selected intern will have a meaningful internship and have opportunities to participate in major planning and development related meetings throughout the summer.
Planning Department-Transportation
The Madison Area Transportation Planning Board is seeking candidates for an intern program. This position assists in GIS data development, digitizing and editing features, and coding attributes based on the interpretation of other datasets and aerial/orthophotography under the supervision of the GIS Coordinator.  It may also involve spatial analysis of GIS data with results given in the form of maps, tables, and charts and other projects as assigned by staff.  It may also involve creating charts and tables summarizing data from a household travel survey.
Traffic Engineering Department
The Traffic Engineering Summer Internship Program is a summer program working out of the Traffic Engineering Office in the Madison Municipal Building in Downtown Madison Wisconsin. This program looks to target undergraduate students enrolled in a Civil Engineering program and acts as a preview for full-time employment upon graduation. Interns accepted into this program will be exposed to a variety of Traffic Engineering projects, including using CADD/GIS mapping tools, basic engineering, planning, development and construction projects.

Minimum Qualifications

  • AASPIRE internship applicants must be actively enrolled in a four-year bachelor's degree program or two-year associate's degree program leading toward a career in a managerial, professional, or administrative area of public service or other employment. 
  • Those who have graduated since May of 2016 will also be considered if interested in applying for the AASPIRE internship program.
The City of Madison strives to provide exceptional customer service to all its residents and visitors.  Therefore, successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to work effectively with multicultural communities.

Special Requirements

  • Some positions will require possession of a valid driver's license; while others may require attendance to evening, weekend and/or off-site meetings.
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