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Tutor/Conversation Partner

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The Language Institute
Type of opportunity 

The Language Institute seeks volunteer tutors/conversation partners in Arabic, Japanese, and Russian as part of the Less Commonly Taught Languages High School Tutoring Program. Earn valuable experience while putting knowledge of your language to use!

Volunteers will meet once per week with students at one of two Wisconsin high schools either in person (with East High School, Madison) or using videoconferencing technology (with East High School or Plymouth High School, Plymouth, WI) to provide conversation practice and share knowledge of the language and cultures.

Requirements: must have knowledge of Arabic, Japanese or Russian equivalent to the third year of college study or above OR be a native speaker of one of those languages.  Must be available at one of the following times:

11:11am-12:03pm (Arabic, Japanese; any day Tuesday-Friday)

1:50-2:42pm (Arabic, Japanese; any day Tuesday-Friday)

2:00-2:40pm (Arabic, Japanese, Russian; any day Monday-Friday)

To apply: please send days and times of availability during the above times, a short statement of interest (explaining your qualifications and interest in the volunteer position), a résumé, and, if applicable, the name of your most recent language instructor to Wendy Johnson, Assistant Director, Language Institute ( All new volunteers must pass a criminal background check.

Friday, September 29, 2017