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Wisconsin in Washington

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UW-Madison Department of Political Science
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Each summer since 2004 the Political Science Department has selected an esteemed group of undergraduates to live in Washington D.C. for eight intensive weeks where they intern in offices all around the city during the day and attend classes in the evenings for university credit. The program is a unique opportunity for students interested in studying first hand the workings of Washington, D.C. or considering a future career in government.

We are honored to announce that the Washington DC Internship Program and the Semester in International Affairs will combine and expand into a year-round program called Wisconsin in Washington. Beginning with the upcoming 2018 Spring term, students will have the option to spend a summer, fall or spring semester in Washington DC. The experience will be less compressed, the possibilities for being hired after the semester will be greater, and the costs will be kept at or belowtuition + room and board in Madison.

Summer 2018 & Fall 2018 deadline:  September 29, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017