Value of Language in the Workplace

Know Your Value.

Humanities majors are in the top 10 degrees in demand among employers, with foreign language and literature ranking fourth.

National Humanities Alliance, 2018

Wisconsin employers recognize the value of multilingual workforce talent to:

-Promote international exports and expansion
-Gain a competitive advantage
-Access global and domestic markets
-Build strong partnerships

There is a language skill gap across industries. US employers have a growing demand for multilingual employees.

-40% of business executives reported a failure to reach their international potential due to language barriers
-Spanish, Chinese & Japanese are highest demand among U.S. employers
-9 out of 10 U.S. employers rely on language skills other than English

Employers highly value future readiness skills developed through language study.

Top four essential career readiness competencies rated by employers include:
-Problem solving skills
-Ability to work in a team
-Communication skills (written)
-Strong work ethic

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