Study of Turkish allows students to experience a rare synthesis of Asia and Europe. Turkey is literally the spot where two continents converge, and it has been home to a rich variety of civilizations, housing 18 UNESCO world heritage sites. Turkey is the second largest TV series exporter in the world behind the US. Turkish unlocks for students unique insights into (non) material cultures of Turkish speaking people. It is a critical language for the U.S., and proficiency in Turkish is increasingly valuable to government and other organizations in West Asia and Europe. Turkish is currently the second most spoken language in Austria and Germany as a result of guest worker agreement. And learning Turkish will make it more accessible to master Ottoman and other Turkic languages.

Dertleşelim [dertlesheleem]: “Let’s pour out our hearts to each other.”

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Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic​

Nalan Erbil-Erkan, erbil@wisc.edu

Intro Class:
GNS 339: First Semester Turkish

Study Turkish in the summer at the Arabic, Turkish and Persian Immersion Institute.

Every Tuesday 5-6 pm
Memorial Union (Lakeview)
Contact: Nalan Erbil, erbil@wisc.edu