Yusi L.

"I feel supported and motivated by my surrounding peers who are learning the same languages with me."

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Major(s) and Certificate(s): Art History, Classical Humanities, and Classics with emphasis in Latin; certificate in European Studies

Language(s): Latin, German & Greek (Ancient)

Graduation Year: 2018

Current Location: Philadelphia, PA

What have you done since graduating from UW-Madison?

I am now a first year PhD student in the Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Department at Bryn Mawr College.

What motivated you to study this/these languages?

I love learning languages and cultures and these languages are important and required for my further academic pursuits.

How have these languages enriched your life?

I was able to learn about other cultures from first-hand sources. Learning German also enabled me to go to Germany to attend programs. Learning languages opens the door for me to foreign books, movies, and music.

What do you remember about your UW language classes? How were they different from other classes you took?

The classes were small and students came from diverse background. The classes are very fun.

How valuable were your out-of-classroom experiences?

I feel supported and motivated by my surrounding peers who are learning the same languages with me.

How have you maintained or improved your language(s) since graduation?  

I got the grant from DAAD to attend a two-month intensive German course in the summer after graduation.

I am continuing these languages in my graduate schools. In my spare time, I like to read books and watch movies in their original soundtracks. I also go to culture events to meet people and practice my language speaking skill.

What advice do you have for current language students?

Never be afraid of opening your mouth and speaking. Making grammar mistakes is not a big deal and is a good sign that you are practicing.

What is your favorite word or phrase in a language you know?

Wunderkammer (Cabinet of curiosities)