For a country of only ten million, Sweden boasts its share of influential people and companies, such as Spotify, Skype, H&M, and Ikea. Sweden has also had a strong impact on global popular culture through Swedish music, film, and crime fiction. Known as a place of progressive politics, nearly half the government consists of women, paid parental leave is a basic right, new suburbs and town are approaching zero-carbon footprints, and same-sex marriage is legal. Not only is Swedish an easy language to learn for English speakers, it also opens up opportunities in manufacturing, government, and truly understanding the names of the different pieces of IKEA furniture!

Fika [fee-ka]: "to drink coffee with cookies and cakes!" Hmmm.

Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic

Joanna Schuth, jschuth@wisc.edu 

Intro Class:
SCAN ST 111: First Semester Swedish

Live in Norden House, the Nordic House in the International Learning Community.

The World of Vikings is a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) with Swedish that will learn about the Norse people as they expanded through Europe and beyond. You will study their science and technology, environment, mythology, gender, economics, politics and more.