Languages Taught at UW-Madison

The languages listed below are either taught on a regular basis or have been offered in the recent past. The exact number of languages offered each year varies depending on factors such as student interest, instructor availability, and funding. Some courses are offered through partnerships with other universities. 

If you need to take a language for your College of Letters & Science (L&S) requirement, you can find out which ones we offer through at least the fourth semester by reviewing the Placement and Policies section on the New Student page.

Modern Languages

Ancient/Classical Languages

Other Languages

Don’t see a particular language? Learn about other languages offered through the Multilanguage Seminar, a year-long program designed for graduate students and highly-motivated undergraduates to learn languages (or higher levels) that are not offered in typical classroom settings.

Multilanguage Seminar


Summer Language Programs

Don’t forget to check out the phenomenal opportunities for intensive language study over the summer. Join students from around the nation to complete one year of instruction in just 8 weeks!

Intensive Summer Programs