Intl St 275 | Lead With Languages: Putting Language Skills to Work

“What can I do with a language major? How can I market my language skills to employers? Who can I connect with to find out more about career options related to language abilities?”

If these questions have crossed your mind, check out Intl St 275: Lead With Languages: Putting Your Skills to Work for Fall 2024! This 1-credit career development course is open to students of all language backgrounds with Sophomore standing or higher, and is taught every fall semester.


Whether you developed your language abilities at home, abroad, or in an educational setting, learn how to leverage your language skills to maximize potential employment opportunities. Develop an understanding of transferable skills unique to language learners and work toward articulating these skills for resume, cover letter, networking, and interviewing exercises. Connect your enthusiasm for learning languages with your personal interests, skills, and abilities to begin exploring career pathways. Learn from peers, alumni, and other guest speakers with language majors and multilingual backgrounds who have succeeded in a variety of careers.

Instructor: Lydia Odegard
Credits: 1.00 credit
Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing

Open to students of all majors, languages, career interests, and language proficiency levels!



  1. Develop understanding of demand for multilingual talent in a variety of career fields and become familiar with institutions/organizations/companies supporting language and career connections.
  2. Identify personal strengths and interest areas related to language skills and utilize campus resources, alumni contacts, and informational interviewing to explore career options.
  3. Learn how to articulate and emphasize language and intercultural skills to improve upon online presence, resume, cover letter, and interviewing opportunities.
  4.  Articulate orally and in writing skills and abilities for self-promotion through direct connection of classroom activity to real world job opportunities.

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact Lydia Odegard, Language Directions Specialist at the Language Institute:


Students networking with campus and community partners
Students mapping their language learning journeys