Alumni Advice & Stories

By Katie Herrick, Digital and Social Media Communications Intern

We know choosing your major can be a difficult decision and a daunting process. The Language Institute works hard to make sure students get the support and advising they need every step of the way. SuccessWorks has interviewed UW-Madison Letters and Sciences Alumni to gather their advice, stories, and successes and failures as part of their Badger-to-Badger: Step that Matter project. Below are some alumni who studied language or other cultural/linguistic studies. To see all the videos with more non-language related majors, click here.


Advice for picking a major in general.


Gayle Smaller: 2013 Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies and Theatre.


Heather Robertson-Devine: 1999 Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies.


Michelle Roach: 2012 Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature.


Serge Romero: 2011 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, Economics, and Asian Studies.


Jillana (Jill) Peterson: 2010 Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Scandinavian Studies.


Caitlin Regner: 2010 Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Spanish.


Joseph Kunze: 1985 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and German Literature, and daughter Elizabeth Kunze: 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy


Michael Langlois: 2010 Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies and Social Welfare.


Jacob Kushner: 2010 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Latin American Studies.


Jennie Mauer: 2003 Bachelor of Arts in French and Legal Studies.


Rashid Dar: 2011 Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies.