Advising at UW-Madison is a partnership between you and the network of advisors you build during your time here. It can be one of the most valuable resources available to you as a student. Advisors are here to introduce you to opportunities and help you make good decisions. Learn more: Advising at UW-Madison

Who should I talk to?

If you have questions related to a specific language program or a language major or certificate, you should meet with the advisor for that language. Language department advisors can help you with choose courses and identify academic and other opportunities related to your language.

You’ll also have an assigned academic advisor, depending on your School, College, or major department. You should be in regular contact with your assigned advisor during your entire time at UW-Madison.

Title Advising
Arabic Toni Landis,
Katrina Daly Thompson,
Chinese Rachel Weiss,
Czech David Danaher,
Danish Nete Schmidt,
Dutch Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor,
Filipino Rachel Weiss,
Finnish Nete Schmidt,
French Andrew Irving,
Ewa Miernowska,
German Jeanne Schueller,
Greek (Ancient)

Toni Landis,
Nandini Pandey,
Hausa Toni Landis,
Katrina Daly Thompson,
Hebrew (Biblical)

Jeremy Hutton,
Toni Landis,
Hebrew (Modern) Judith Sone,
Hindi Rachel Weiss,
Hmong Michael Cullinane,
Icelandic Nete Schmidt,
Indonesian Rachel Weiss,
Italian Jelena Todorović,
Japanese Rachel Weiss,
Kazakh Jennifer Tishler,
Khmer Michael Cullinane,
Korean Rachel Weiss,
Byung-jin Lim,
Latin Toni Landis,
Nandini Pandey,
Norwegian Nete Schmidt,
Ojibwe Rand Valentine,
Persian Rachel Weiss,
Polish Ewa Miernowska,
Portuguese Karen Thompson,
Quechua Sarah Ripp,
Russian Anna Tumarkin,
Sanskrit Rachel Weiss,
Serbo-Croatian Tomislav Longinovic,
Spanish Karen Thompson,
Swahili Toni Landis,
Katrina Daly Thompson,
Swedish Nete Schmidt,
Thai Michael Cullinane,
Tibetan Rachel Weiss,
Turkish Bridget Sutton,
Urdu Rachel Weiss,
Vietnamese Rachel Weiss,
Michael Cullinane,
Wolof Toni Landis,
Katrina Daly Thompson,
Yoruba Toni Landis,
Katrina Daly Thompson,
Yucatec Maya Sarah Ripp,