Questions about…

  • Language program exploration
  • Language placement, requirements, and policies
  • Connecting language skills to career goals
  • Finding scholarships for language study

Contact Lydia Odegard, Language Directions Specialist: 

Questions about…

  • Choosing an appropriate course for your language level
  • Language program curriculum
  • Language majors and certificates
  • Identifying academic and professional opportunities related to your language

Contact the advisor for your language program.

Language Advising
Arabic Toni Landis,
Chinese More Information
Czech Joanna Schuth,
Dakota Denise Wiyaka,
Danish Joanna Schuth,
Dutch Joanna Schuth,
Filipino More Information
Finnish Joanna Schuth,
French Mandi Schoville,
German Joanna Schuth,
Greek (Ancient) Toni Landis,
Hausa Toni Landis,
Hebrew (Modern) Gwen Walker,
Hindi More Information
Hmong More Information
Ho-Chunk Denise Wiyaka,
Icelandic Joanna Schuth,
Indonesian More Info
Italian Mandi Schoville,
Japanese More Information
Kazakh Joanna Schuth,
Khmer More Information
Korean More Information
Latin Vanessa Schmitz-Siebertz,
Menominee Denise Wiyaka,
Norwegian Joanna Schuth,
Oneida Denise Wiyaka,
Ojibwe Denise Wiyaka,
Pashto More Information
Persian More Information
Polish Joanna Schuth,
Portuguese Karen Francis,
Quechua Sarah Ripp,
Russian Joanna Schuth,
Sanskrit More Information
Spanish Karen Francis,
Swahili Toni Landis,
Swedish Joanna Schuth,
Tamil More Information
Thai More Information
Tibetan More Information
Turkish Joanna Schuth,
Ukrainian Joanna Schuth,
Urdu More Information
Vietnamese More Information
Wolof Toni Landis,
Yiddish Sunny Yudkoff,
Yoruba Toni Landis,
Yucatec Maya Sarah Ripp,
Zulu Toni Landis,