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Alumni Profiles

Language classes was are intense yet fun and full-filling.

Before I even stepped onto the campus, I knew I would take numerous language classes here.

My familiarity with the language has opened up many doors to amazing parts of the Indian cultural landscape that would have otherwise been inaccessible to me.

 Everyday, I get to use my own experiences to benefit others all while continuing to learn about the world around me through other languages and cultures. Langauge learning does not end in the classroom. Get out there, put yourself in uncomfortable situations and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Learning Spanish and Portuguese challenged me in a way that allowed me to come to learn a lot about myself and what I value.

I really enjoyed the UW-Madison language classes. The teachers are great and do a good job incorporating speaking and listening exercises into the curriculum.

Learning a new language or learning about your own language will help you discover so much about that culture.

Learning Italian has opened my eyes to a new culture (and cuisine!) in a way that I wouldn't understand without knowing the language itself.

I can do things personally and professionally that limit others.

Studying languages has meant everything to me.