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Alumni Profiles

Portuguese has been an integral part of my everyday personal life since I first started studying it.

My entire career is built on the language study I did at the UW.

I credit UW-Madison for preparing me to develop a well-rounded, people-based approach to language, history and literature. 

I have met amazing people and had fantastic opportunities as a result of studying Japanese. 

Studying Hebrew has shaped my education and has always made me love learning.

Learning German has changed my life forever.

Find a group of people to speak with outside of class. The best way to keep up your language skills is to speak as much as possible!

Living and working abroad opened my eyes to the world in ways I didn't know possible.

Study or do an internship abroad so that you can use your language skills in context. There is no substitute for actually having to use the language you're learning to get around a country, shop in a market, etc.!

Learning Italian has opened my eyes to a new culture (and cuisine!) in a way that I wouldn't understand without knowing the language itself.