Language Tables

Language Conversation Table Contacts
American Sign Language Badgers Sign is an ASL student organization that uses ASL in their meetings. Follow their Instagram page for updates.
Arabic Contact: Adeola Agoke,
Chinese Contact: Rachel Weiss,
Danish Contact: Helen Durst,
Dutch Contact: Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor,
Filipino Language table is not currently being offered.
Finnish Contact: Thomas Dubois,
French Contact: Mandi Schoville,
German Visit the German Club Facebook page for more information
Hausa Contact: Adeola Agoke,
Hebrew Contact:
Hindi Contact: Muhammad Asif,
Ho-Chunk Contact: Laura Red Eagle,
More information
Hmong Contact: Choua Lee,
Indonesian Contact: Ramadansyah,
Italian Contact: Mandi Schoville,
Japanese Contact: Midori Iwamoto,
Follow Instagram page for updates
Kazakh Contact: Gulnara Glowacki,
Korean Contact: Jihye Yun,
Menominee Contact: Laura Red Eagle,
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Norwegian Contact: Dean Krouk, (virtual table); David Smith, (in-person table)
Ojibwe Contact: Laura Red Eagle,
More information
Oneida Contact: Laura Red Eagle,
More information
Persian Contact: Fatemeh Mirsharifi,
Polish Contact: Krzysztof Borowski,
Portuguese Contact: Ellen Sapega,; Kathryn Sanchez,
Russian Contact: Anna Tumarkin,
Spanish Contact: Steve Fondow,
Swahili Contact: Adeola Agoke,
Swedish Contact: Susan Brantly,
Turkish Contact: Nalan Erbil,
Vietnamese Contact: Ha Le,
Wolof Contact: Adeola Agoke,
Yiddish Contact: Sunny Yudkoff,
Yoruba Contact: Adeola Agoke,